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"RL" (prounounced eh·ree·uhl like the mermaid) is an alien being lodged in the body of a contemporary Filipino living on the shores of Manila Bay. The product of a three-year gestation across residencies in New York, Bali, and Bangkok, The Other Ariel unearths the darker realities of the artist's motherland at a time of a planetary crisis, a drug war, and the collapse of truth as experienced by those we consider to be "not like us".

2020 Casa San Miguel Center for the Arts in San Antonio / Philippines



A performance inquiry that probes the multi-faceted landscape of e-democracy within the largest gay social media app in the world: Blued. Anchored on a year long immersion as a livestream personality, Russ_Hour facilitates an encounter between worlds—setting himself, his 135K++  followers, an online audience, and an assembled team of volunteers on a liminal "common ground" where continents, classes, biologies, and histories either connect and coalesce or clash and collide.

2019 Low Fat Art Festival / Thailand

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