Alter egos unravel the fragmented workings of a contemporary psyche:

Madame B.

the restless spectre of rejection,

abandonment, and unrequited love


Happiness as a vagabond clown

in search of its human counterpart


The embodiment of complexes and systems of thought

inherited from ones socio-political sphere and history,

RUSS_HOUR | Research and artistic infiltration

into the world's largest gay social media app

Blued. For one hour daily, the artist opens a

window of time and virtual space to interact,

explore, and examine human behavior through 

his 126,000+ strong followers within

the liminality of e-democracy.

THE OTHER ARIEL | A poly-dimensional project that centers on the manifestion

of a new alter ego, the non-physical marine entity named ArielThe project consists

of an extensive documentation of the creature's appearances via social media, a solo

performance piece that narrates her origins and trajectories against historical

trauma and contemporary issues, and a solo exhibition manifesting the nuances

and landscape of her homeworld Planet Blue.