THE OTHER : ARIEL | Russ Ligtas' The Other: Ariel meditates on the narrative of "those who are not like us". In his latest performance work, the artist introduces Ariel—an alien persona residing in the outer limits of a body at the time of a planetary crisis, a drug war, and the collapse of truth. Ligtas reemerges after a three-year gestation across residencies in Manila, New York, Bali, Bangkok, and Zambales with this new piece—unearthed from a faraway journey between space and time—bearing news from the darker deep blue recesses of the human mind.

RUSS_HOUR | Research and artistic infiltration

into the world's largest gay social media app

Blued. For one hour daily, the artist opens a

window of time and virtual space to interact,

explore, and examine human behavior through 

his 126,000+ strong followers within

the liminality of e-democracy.