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RUSS LIGTAS [b. 1985] is a poly-disciplinary Filipino artist living in New York City. His work encompasses performance, installation, sculpture, 2D, and film in the creation of immersive experiences that unravel the nuances of autobiography as direct consequences to historical, geo-political, ecological, and mythological narratives. Driven by a fascination for the multi-faceted notions of self and identity, his art often emanates from the birthing of alter egos—archetypal incarnations that manifest as presence, persona, and myth. They are the “avatars” that propel his work into various directions of hybrid media and intermedia forms as ritualized responses to a queer postcolonial subjectivity existing in the Anthropocene. 

He is currently in close collaboration with Taiwanese artist Szu-Ni Wen. They have been working together as a duo since 2019 on the topic of the territorial disputes between their homelands and Mainland China. 

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